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Welcome to "The WELL", the Worldwide English Language Lab, website belonging to the Erasmus+ KA226 project on digitalization: iBUILD IT

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This Erasmus+ project is designed as a response to Covid19 and will deliver sustainable solutions for English language teaching (ELT) and educational inspiration to provide high-quality instruction for every individual child, either at home, at school, or in any hybrid form.


As schools respond to COVID-19, the need for digital tools has never been more urgent. However, as the change that would normally take years to evolve came instantly, it became much more demanding for the teachers and students. While it was harder for students to remain motivated and engaged, it was hard for teachers to develop digital literacy skills immediately.


Additionally, the integration of appropriate technology to tailor instruction to the individual needs, skills, and interests to advance and deepen learning, has become the basic competence for teachers and students. Advances in digital technology have recently placed organizing learning fitting to the needs of all individual learners within reach for the schools.

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