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Do you want to read a book?

Trying to get our students to read more English we decided to make an English section at our school library. First, we talked about what kind of books we wanted to order, and agreed on using the series “Step into Reading”. The books are divided into 5 levels and contains great pictures and inviting front-pages, that hopefully will get the students to read them.

To help decide which books to order we got help from our 5th and 6th graders. We used some English lessons and the students could write which books they thought looked interesting at all five levels - so also for the smaller children. They were also to search for other books in English and write them on the list. It was a great success and the students really enjoyed taking part in the process and contributing making our English section. We got way more suggestions than we could buy, but we tried to order a broad variety of books.

We also had some books in English different places at the school. Some of them are categorised as the ones from Step into English, so that is easier for the students to pick the right book for them. The most difficult ones are not categorised.

We cleared the section at the school library and it is now ready for the students to dive into the many books. The different levels are placed in baskets, so the students can leaf through the books. We have also decorated the shelf with flags from the countries with English as an official language. Perhaps some of the students will be curious why e.g. Ghana is speaking English. A little teacup also - maybe more will come - you will never know.

The students are already asking when we are buying more books, so that some of their favourites might be the next to order.

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