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Cultural exchange: make a video about your school!

By Daan Bomans, 3Havo student at the Waerdenborch, Goor, the Netherlands

Today we’re working on a project called Cultural Exchange.

Our English teachers are involved in an Erasmus+ project, together with teachers from Finland and Denmark.

We’re 15 year old students, going to a small secondary school in Goor, the Netherlands, called the Waerdenborch. We’re in the 9th grade, higher level, and are making short videos about our school and school life.

Our 27 classmates have been divided into small groups, and each group has to make a short video about their topic. Some examples of the topics are: creative subjects, how we spend our breaks, our regular subjects, etc.

My job is to edit the videos and make it a longer video, which is interesting to all of you. And I have to write this story.

On 10 May we’re going to watch our videos and going to learn how different schools work. We’re looking forward to it.

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