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Reading part 2

In 5th grade at Vester Nebel School, we have been reading for 20 min. every week since the autumn break in October. Some of the students is getting a bit tired of the webpages we are using, and the stories are a bit too easy for some students. Therefore, we have expanded our reading possibilities with a couple of extra, free websites.

It is a page with very different stories. You can find fairy tales, Indian Folk Tales, Animal stories, Greek Mythology, and much more. There are also some video stories. There is a big variation in the difficulty, so the students must try the different categories and stories, to see which ones fits them the best.

It is a page with many short stories, and the difficulty is higher than the other webpages. The stories are divided into different subjects, and the length is variated. Some of the students find this webpage exciting because of the more “grown-up” stories that they can read, instead of the more childish stories at some of the others.

This is a webpage of online audio books. Actors, authors and other famous people read the audio books, and the pictures from the book are on the screen while they read. Not all the books in there are free, but it is a good alternative to the dyslexic students or to use as a book for the entire class.

While the students are reading, some of them are practicing looking up the words in the dictionary that they do not know. Meanwhile the students also read out loud for me as a teacher one at a time to practice pronunciation.

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